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FAQs Magical Movie Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions: Magical Movie Rewards

I was told that I would receive 50 points for registering my card. When will I receive them?

Once the card is registered, 50 points will be automatically added to the total of your next transaction with the card. These points will not appear as a distinct item, but rather will be folded into the transaction’s total.

What is Magical Movie Rewards? (Formerly known as My Marcus Rewards)

Magical Movie Rewards is a program that allows registered members to earn points for dollars they spend on movie tickets and concession items at Marcus Theatres®. Registered members will receive one point for each dollar spent on tickets and concession items as well as food and beverage items purchased at restaurants at our theatre locations. There is a maximum earning potential of 100 points per transaction. There is no cost to join or participate in the program. Upon accumulating 100 points, registered Magical Movie Rewards members will receive five Rewards Dollars that may be redeemed at participating Marcus Theatres® locations for movie tickets or concession items.

How do I join the Magical Movie Rewards program?

Eligible individuals can join the Magical Movie Rewards program several ways.

(1) Download our Marcus Theatres App on your iPhone or Android and get a virtual card account and store your card electronically on your phone so it will always be with you.

(2) Simply pick-up a Magical Movie Rewards card at any Marcus Theatres® location and register it online at, Marcus Theatres Facebook page or at your local theatre on our Magical Movie Rewards iPad.

(3) Sign up online at and get your account number instantly. You can still download the Marcus Theatres App and store your account on your phone.

Present your card or virtual card every time you buy movie tickets or food and beverage items. Your points will begin to accumulate the first time you use your Magical Movie Rewards card after it is registered. When you register your card you will become eligible to receive rewards and other benefits of the program.

How do I register my Magical Movie Rewards card to begin earning points and rewards?

You may register your Magical Movie Rewards card in person at any participating Marcus Theatres® location, online at, or on your local theatre’s Facebook page. If you download our app initially and receive a virtual card you can register immediately on the app.

I have a Magical Movie Rewards card, but I would like to get a virtual card, how can I make the switch to the virtual card?

If you have a plastic card, to utilize your account and virtual card on the app you must be a registered member. If you are, simply download the app, enter your card number and name and your account will be accessible through the app.

What is the schedule for receiving Rewards Dollars?

Whenever you accumulate 100 points, they will automatically be exchanged for five Rewards Dollars that are added to your card. Any Rewards Dollars you have accumulated prior to that date that have not reached the 180 day expiration date will remain on your card until they are used. Points will be rounded up to the nearest point if your purchase is not a whole dollar amount. Your account must be registered to accumulate points and Rewards Dollars.

How will I receive my Rewards Dollars?

Your Rewards Dollars will be stored on your Magical Movie Rewards card. You may visit to check to see how many points and Rewards Dollars you have accumulated.

Do my Rewards Dollars expire?

All of your Rewards Dollars will expire if you do not redeem or earn Rewards Dollars in any rolling 180 day period.

What do my Rewards Dollars buy?

Rewards Dollars may be redeemed for movie tickets and food and beverage items at any Marcus Theatre® or restaurant located at our theatre locations. Rewards Dollars may not be used to purchase gift cards, VIP tickets or for auditorium rentals. Rewards Dollars must be used at time of purchase and may not be exchanged for credit on a previous purchase. Rewards Dollars have no cash value.

Will I receive points for purchasing gift cards, VIP or other discounted movie tickets or items such as auditorium rentals?

You will accumulate Points upon redemption of a Marcus Theatres® Gift Card, VIP or other discounted movie ticket, but not for purchases of gift cards or VIP or other discounted tickets (with the exception of the purchase of a $100 Marcus Theatres® Gift Card, in which case you will earn twenty-five (25) Points). Your purchase of auditorium rentals, group shows, field trips, catering events and other similar events are not Qualified Purchases and do not qualify for Points.

At which locations may I use the Magical Movie Rewards card?

You can use your Magical Movie Rewards card at all Marcus Theatres® and restaurants at theatre locations. These locations are subject to change without notice.

Will I receive points for my online movie ticket purchases?

Yes, for purchases made at or on your Marcus Theatres® mobile app. Just enter your Magical Movie Rewards card number when you make your online movie ticket purchase and you will accumulate points for that movie ticket purchase. Currently, Reward Dollars cannot be processed as payment for online purchases.

Will points accumulate for purchases made using coupons or pursuant to other special offers?

You will accumulate points for purchases made with coupons or pursuant to other special offers, but you will only accumulate the number of points that correspond to the discounted amount you paid after using the coupon or pursuant to the other special offer.

May I use a discount coupon or an additional voucher when paying with Rewards Dollars?


How do I accumulate points?

You will receive points for each dollar spent at a participating Marcus Theatres® box office or concession stand - one point per dollar. Points are awarded per individual transaction, not by dollars spent over a series of transactions. Your account must be registered to accumulate points and Rewards Dollars.

Do my Points expire?

All points in an account will expire if there is no accrued point activity in 180 days.

Is there a maximum number of points that can be accumulated per day for purchases?

Regardless of purchase price, you may earn a maximum of one hundred (100) Points per Qualifying Purchase and one thousand (1,000) Points per day.

Why does Marcus Theatres require me to provide personal information when I register the Magical Movie Rewards card?

Marcus Theatres asks for some personal information in order to contact you regarding special offers and announcements for Magical Movie Rewards program members. This information is also used to contact you if there ever is a problem with your Magical Movie Rewards account. All information is collected and used in accordance with Marcus Theatres® privacy policy, which is posted at

I forgot my Magical Movie Rewards card...What do I do?

You must present your Magical Movie Rewards card at the time of purchase to receive your points. We recommend downloading our mobile app. On the app you will have a Magical Movie Rewards virtual card and will not have to worry about forgetting your card at home!

My Magical Movie Rewards card was lost or stolen... What do I do?

If you know your account number, you can request a replacement card by logging into your account at Go to the Profile Update page and check the box requesting a replacement card. If you don’t have your account number, any Marcus Theatres box office can look it up for you. You can also contact the Magical Movie Rewards department by email at or by phone at 855-289-5471 to look up your account number or request a replacement card.

I want to allow my wife or husband or child to use my Magical Rewards card... May I?

Yes, members of your immediate family may all use the same Magical Movie Rewards Card, however, only one physical card will be issued per account. Your family members may also have individual cards and their own account.

Are Marcus Theatres® employees eligible to obtain a Magical Movie Rewards card?

Yes, employees are eligible to obtain a Magical Rewards card.

I want to discontinue my account. How do I do that?

If you wish to be removed from Marcus Theatres® Magical Movie Rewards program please send your request to or contact our guest service office at 855-289-5471 between 8:30AM and 5:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.

I forgot to give the box office or concession attendant my Magical Rewards card that contains Rewards Dollars and now I am being asked to pay for my movie tickets or concession items. Can I still use my Rewards Dollars to pay?

Your Magical Movie Rewards card may be scanned at any point during your transaction, however, after the transaction is completed your card can no longer be scanned.

Where may I review the terms and conditions for the Magical Movie Rewards program?

How do I contact Marcus Theatres® with additional questions or if I have problems with my Magical Rewards card?

You may call 855-289-5471 between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. You may also email Marcus Theatres® at:

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